A Local Family’s Home Buying Success Story


Home sweet home for Ivan and Cenorina

Two years ago, when Cenorina and Ivan first thought of buying a home, all of their offers were rejected. No one could seem to help them work out a deal. Then they found out about Coastal Housing Partnership and how their employee benefit works.

The couple attended a Coastal Housing Partnership Home Buying Seminar and then connected with a real estate agent from Coastal Housing’s network services partners.

“Education is huge. Without it we wouldn’t have had that extra push… It motivated us!,” the couple shared.

Through their employer’s Coastal Housing Partnership housing benefit, Cenorina and Ivan were able to purchase their home with less than a 20 percent down payment. They saved more than $3,000 in closing costs, and are now paying less each month than they would to rent.

“We would say to anyone who thinks home ownership is impossible: With knowledge and planning, it’s right around the corner, but we could not have done it ourselves,” Ivan and Cenorina shared.