“Going to that seminar was one of the smartest financial decisions we ever made…”

We LOVE hearing success stories from local employees who achieved their dreams of home ownership with the help of Coastal Housing savings. It’s so inspiring – that’s why we come to work every day! Here’s one we received recently.

“Yes, I am a Coastal Housing success story!  We bought a beautiful 10-year-old home and moved in last June.

We attended a very helpful and informative Coastal Housing seminar at their Home Buying Fair, and we were very impressed by one of the featured speakers. It was Ruth Ann Bowe of Village Properties, and we chatted with her after the seminar.  We told her that if we were ever in the market, we would want her to represent us.  She kept in touch.

Later, we found out that we were going to have to move because our landlords were moving back from the east coast into their place here in Santa Barbara.  Thanks to the Coastal Housing seminar, our eyes had been opened to the possibility that we could actually afford a place in this very difficult market.  When we realized we had to move, Ruth Ann was there for us when we really needed her.  She and her assistant, Kristen, were both very kind, patient and helpful.  We later found out that her team had sold 4 different properties that month—ours being the least expensive by far—but they treated us as though we were their only clients.

Because my employer is a member of Coastal Housing Partnership, I was able to access its savings program. We saved several thousand dollars because of contributions from our realtor, the lender and even the inspection company. My fiancee’s goddaughter also ended up purchasing a condo after attending the same seminar.  Going to that seminar was one of the smartest financial decisions we ever made, and we are now very happy in our own home!

Thank you again for the wonderful service that you provide!”

-Curvature Employee