Housing Benefits

How It Works

Coastal Housing Partnership operates as a housing benefits provider for local companies. Annual company membership fees cover our operational costs so that we can provide their employees with housing benefits at no charge to you through our network of local real estate professionals. Our dedicated network comprises more than 300 real estate agents, lenders, residential developers, landlords, home inspection companies, and moving services. They voluntarily give back to our community by offering savings to the employees of our member companies. Coastal Housing savings come from our network partners. In order to take advantage of the savings, you must be working with a professional in our network. You can choose who you would like to work with from our network. Browse our network of professionals here. In order to verify your employment with a member company, you must present a Letter of Authorization (obtained here) to your real estate professional.

We Offer Employees:

Home Buying

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Home Buying Education

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Rental Assistance

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Mortgage Refinancing

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Out of Network

If you choose to use a real estate agent, home inspection firm, lender or landlord who is not part of our network, there are no Coastal Housing Partnership savings available for that particular service. This is because the savings come directly from our network of participating real estate professionals, not from Coastal Housing Partnership. However, it is possible to be eligible for partial savings. For instance, if you are using an out-of-network real estate agent and an in-network lender, you can still take advantage of the lender savings.