Prospective Members

Established in 1987 by a coalition of local companies tired of losing valuable talent to the high cost of living here, Coastal Housing Partnership has been providing housing benefits to local employees for over 33 years. Today we serve over 60 companies that employ more than 45,000 employees in the Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. These employers value our housing benefits as a vital component of their recruitment and retention strategies.

Our benefits support employees on their path to home ownership, helping them establish roots and connect to the community – an important foundation in developing employee loyalty. Offering housing benefits to your employees can give them the security and confidence to settle down in the area instead of relocating. Don’t let our housing market detract from your recruiting and retention of valuable talent. Let us help you retain your valued employees. Join Coastal Housing and help keep your employees local!

In today’s environment, employee benefits that improve morale take center stage in creating a supportive workplace. Companies on FORTUNE Magazine’s annual list of Best Companies to Work For consistently make employee morale and work-life balance a priority. In addition to the industry-standard salary, growth opportunities, and health benefits – these firms provide a variety of additional benefits to encourage both personal and professional success. Coastal Housing membership provides a work-life balance benefit to employees and demonstrates your commitment to the well-being of your employees.

Our member companies represent a diverse range of industries—education, finance, legal, health care, technology, non-profit, local government—underscoring the strength of Coastal Housing Partnership benefits regardless of industry or sector. Below are some  of our current members. For a full list, click here.

Cost-Effective Benefit

The cost of membership with Coastal Housing is tiered based on employee count – making it affordable for any size organization. Besides, the cost is minimal compared to the savings associated with staff retention. Less turnover means lower recruitment and training costs, greater knowledge retention, and personal and professional satisfaction.

Most often, the savings that even 1 or 2 employees achieve using our benefits exceeds the cost of annual dues.

Coastal Housing Partnership Dues

# of Employees Annual Dues
1-25 $850
26-50 $1,300
51-100 $2,500
101-250 $4,000
251-500 $5,400
501-1000 $7,000
1001-2500 $8,700
Over 2500 $15,000

Keep your employees local! Call or email us for more information.